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The Psychology of the True Colors

  • The color psychology in interior designing is fundamentally to appreciate the hues ,which are closely related to the human sensations and deeds.
  • Shades has the dominant communique gadget which dramatically acts with the environment.
  • SO, When you try to understand the true standards of the colors we are at this point to address how thoughtful the colors are and how it plays an important role in one’s everyday life.

Color is the part of art which reveals when the light falls on it

  • Color has scopes of HUE . VALUE . INTENSITY
  • To the understand ethically here:
    HUE is the pure practice of the color lacking any shadow in it.
    VALUE to know the lightness or darkness of the color.
    INTENSITY to know the brightness or dullness of the color.

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Psychological properties describing the two primary colors:


RED is the color of power it has the assets of giving the impression to be quicker than it is and it grabs our attention at the first, also every color has its own positive and negative controls like the red has a positive sides of love ,warmth and energy and the negative sides of strain and visual impact.


Yellow is the color of strength it has the assets of exciting the self esteem and also it’s the color of confidence. The positive side for the yellow can be emotional, self esteem, happy and friendly. Negative side can be fear and depression.

Psychological properties describing the two secondary colors:


Green is the color of refreshment it assaults the eye in such a way as it requires no regulations hence this is the color of balance. The positive side for the green color can be universal love and peace. And the negative can be boredom and inactivity.


Orange is the color of fun this is the blend of red and yellow color and this encourages and react to its combination of physical and emotional. The positive side for the yellow can be fun ,food and passion. Negative side can be frustration and immaturity.

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