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What is Feng Shui? | An Interior Design Guide

Feng Shui is thousands of years old Chinese traditional practice which brings you peace, prosperity and positive energy using the natural elements around you. The word Feng means wind and Shui means water which are among the nature’s strongest forces in addition to light and fire. The Feng Shui concept is most adopted in interior design guide to increase the positive energy (it is popularly known as Chi).


Owning a house is indeed a giant step towards having a mental harmony in life. But unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Negative forces may become an hindrance to peace of mind. By combining all your positive energy surrounding you, a Feng Shui home decorating solution can act as a protective shield to you and your family. Here is a quick access to your Feng Shui based interior design guide.

Welcome the energy

The first point in the house is the hallway or the doorway. Welcome the energy starting from this point using a collection of flora and fauna with the aroma. Let the wind & light energy flow into the house thereby energising everyone in your family. Illuminate the doorway to give a grand wealthy decor which enlightens all your guests the moment they enter the house.

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Let’s live

Living room is the place where everything happens. Let your body and soul soak in the natural light through feng shui decorations, custom arranged to reflect your personality. A common factor in any interior design guide is the wide opened windows. They smoothen outflow of evil thoughts and circulates positive vibes to everyone in the family and the guests as well. If it’s winter, let there be fire by the sofa side, and you making yourself comfortable on the soft cushion with your favourite book in the hand.

Cook the magic

Kitchen, Ah! The place where good things are cooked. The smooth wooden finishing to the cabinets, the sturdy slab on which the burner lights into blue flame and the elegant exhaust through which the pleasant odor spreads not just inside the house, but also to your surrounding. Keep an open window or better, design an open-kitchen through which you can virtually involve your family members and cook the magic of positivity to your everyone.

Sleep is the key

The bedroom should be designed to ensure you get adequate rest that your body and soul requires. Placement of bed should be ideal to provide the comfort of your bubble and also get some early morning sunshine. This, needless to say, provides both comfortable sleep and a healthy morning habits. A feng shui style bedroom also includes a good lighting for the nighttime and supporting false ceiling to give aesthetic looks.

If you understand the inner meaning of Feng Shui concept, you will appreciate the beauty of living in close proximity to nature. You come to understand and inculcate the feng shui tips into your dream house and hence increase the positive energy among all your family members.

After all this, one question still remains unanswered. How do I find a feng shui interior designer near me? Well, you might have come across some who claim to be knowing a lot about feng shui, but don’t be misguided. It requires an expert team who spends time to understand the needs and the necessities. One such expert team is Dream Dots. They have the best interior design guide at the fingertips. With over 400+ designs in major cities of Karnataka – India, Dream Dots are offering an excellent feng shui based interior designing.

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