We appreciate you sharing your requirements, thoughts, themes towards the interior of your house, either through a call or email or in person. For us to have ground to work upon, a floor plan is very much essential. With a thorough understanding of your needs, We would share a formal quote with other details. Once you have gained confidence, we would expect a token amount to proceed to the next phase.

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We request our customer to take time from their schedule to share their thoughts and explain to us their design thoughts, color preferences, material preferences. Our expert interior designers will delve detailed information. Like dimensions of the existing and new appliances, furniture.Such information will help our designer to carefully plan and design the optimization utilization of the available space. With our creativity, we will put the life into your thoughts and presented via 2D drawings. While designing, we always keep your requirements intact and the right mix of aesthetic aspects, usability and lifestyle. After 2D drawings are approved. Our designers having a discussion on laminates selection, doors, knobs which will be later incorporated in the 3D design. This will be the most realistic visualization of your dream house on a digital device.


Once the design is completed, We would like you to take a look at the final design and share your feedback. After feedback is incorporated, you are required to do the signoff. Our team understands and implements the customer satisfaction during the engagement, because we understand that our efforts is going towards your dream house. We emphasize very much on planning and pre-production activities so that our production and project execution becomes more smoother.

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We know that project execution is very important because all of your and our team’s efforts, ideas, thoughts will put into the real world. For us our association with you is not only that of interior designer and customer but it’s more of a friendship and good words from a friend is that we always strive for. We ensure that our customers are satisfied not only during our association but also even later. To put into action we provide 5-year warranty of work completed by us.